Developed by a former Rocket Scientist

Ricky Mason, Founder and CEO of BrainSTEM University, launched five rockets for NASA while working for United Launch Alliance. He uses his expertise and industry experience to inspire students to pursue careers in STEM and solve the problems of the future.

Kindergarten - Career Plan

Lead them from STEM student to STEM career using our continuous K-12 curriculum.

Experience cutting edge technology and a guided K-12 curriculum all in one place. Elementary students explore STEM concepts and find their passion. Middle and high school students follow their passion and choose a STEM concentration, working toward certifications in their field.

Inclusive STEM Programs

All students are capable of learning.

This is our fundamental belief at BrainSTEM. We are always working to make our programs more inclusive for all students. Currently, we offer STEM programs in Spanish, culturally responsive Python programming lessons, and a diverse team of instructors to create a safe learning environment for students.

Let us build a STEM program for your students

Our team is made of experts in computer science, engineering and digital media. We work with all major STEM toy and robot brands, making us a comprehensive solution for all things STEM. Choose from our current course offerings, or let us design courses specifically for your students. Speak with a program specialist to get started.

Our Team

Our team reflects the students we teach.

We celebrate diversity at every level of our company, and our values are evident in our classes. We understand the racial, gender and socioeconomic gaps in STEM education. We recruit top talent from diverse backgrounds to share their passion for STEM and encourage students from all walks of life to love STEM as well.

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