About brainstem

We Create Engaging Experiences

Our Story

BrainSTEM is everything founder Ricky Mason wishes he had as a kid: a community of students encouraging each other to be smart, creative, and dedicated to solving the problems of the future. After pursuing his own STEM career dreams at the Department of Defense, United Launch Alliance, and the Central Intelligence Agency, Ricky found his calling teaching at the University of Kentucky. It was there that he saw the benefit of mentorship and peer networks for his engineering students. Until college, most of his students had little to no opportunities to engage in STEM clubs or courses, or to meet friends with their STEM interests.  Ricky Mason founded BrainSTEM to create a network of passionate STEM instructors and curious, dedicated students.  The BrainSTEM Metaverse is a unique opportunity to teach students the STEM skills of the future while supporting them with the mentorship and community they need to succeed.

Our Vision

We believe quality STEM education should be accessible to every student. Expanding access is not about building more schools or hiring more teachers. It’s about envisioning new ways of delivering education in hybrid, blended and alternative formats that are powered by technology. We’re building an educational metaverse for incentivized learning, powered by artificial intelligence and virtual reality, connected to real world hands-on learning experiences. We provide K-12 STEM curriculum in an online virtual learning environment for schools, non profits, and homeschooled students.  

Our Team

Founder & ceo

Ricky Mason

  • Software developer
  • Former University of Kentucky Professor

Creative director

David Miller

  • Virtual production
  • 3D design and web development


Kara Mason

  • Former Assitant Director of Student Financial Planning, Georgetown College


Irune Capri

  • Math
  • Robotics

Dr. Gayle Rosenkranz BrainSTEM Instructor


Gayle Rosenkranz

  • Computer science 
  • Computer engineering