BrainSTEM Locations

1st G Team Kid Summer Camp

BrainSTEM partners with the Team Kid Summer Camp to provide coding and robotics classes to elementary and middle school students. To learn more about enrolling your student, visit their website.

Elev8 Student Learning Center

JCPS contracted BrainSTEM to provide the flagship afterschool program: BrainSTEM University. To learn more about enrolling your student, visit their website.

Molo Village CDC - Be Your Own Leader

BrainSTEM partnered with Molo Village CDC to add STEM curriculum. to their after school program. To learn more about enrolling your student, visit their website.

Nativity Academy at Saint Boniface

Nativity Academy at Saint Boniface partnered with BrainSTEM to add curriculum and coaching services to its maker space. To learn more about enrolling your student, visit their website.

Virtual After School Programs

BrainSTEM Metaversity is an online platform for students to create, compete and share in STEM-related online experiences. Email our Program Manager, Kara Mason at  kara@brainstemu to more information about our monthly subscription for schools and community groups.

Start a BrainSTEM After School Program

You can start a BrainSTEM after school program at your school or community center. 

BrainSTEM offers after school enrichment services that cater to elementary, middle, and high school students. Our project-based STEAM curriculum that offers engineering, robotics, coding, game development, digital media, and technology, aiming to introduce students to in-demand STEAM concepts and skills. This STEAM program is tailored to engage students from underrepresented populations in STEM career fields. BrainSTEM Coaches are highly-trained instructors who will teach, motivate, and inspire students in the program. Professional Development is available.

Ideal for

  • Increasing academic outcomes in the classroom
  • Opportunities for hands-on learning
  • Providing opportunities for collaboration and team-building
  • Providing credit recovery options for students after school

Innovative STEM Education: How BrainSTEM Helped a Private School Stand Out

Before BrainSTEM: The Challenges of a Private School's STEM Program Nativity Academy at St. Boniface is a private middle school located in a diverse, urban neighborhood. In an effort to expose their students to more STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math)...

What’s Included

Aerospace Engineering curriculum

STEM Curriculum

Our curriculum includes instructor-led videos, virtual activities, printables and consumables you need for an amazing STEM program. We break it all down into daily lesson plans written by certified teachers.

Forensic Science Class Screenshot

Metaversity Access

Every students get a BrainSTEM account to access our curriculum and save their projects. Metaversity includes virtual meeting spaces that maximize impact and access. Students can join our platform on their comuter, tablet or phone.

BrainSTEM Coaches

STEM Coaches

Hire our staff of trained STEM professionals to faciliate your BrainSTEM program, or use our detailed lesson plans. We also offer professional development for your staff to implement BrainSTEM programs. 

BrainSTEM League

BrainSTEM Leauge is the intersection of STEM and competition. We treat STEM like a sport, and our program offers competitions and lessons that help students practice and improve their skills.

BrainSTEM League

STEM Leagues

Beyblade League BrainSTEM

Beyblade League

The BrainSTEM Beyblade League offers tournaments and skills training for Beyblades, a popular spin top toy.

robot league

Robot League

We have everything you need to start a robotics team at any grade level. We can build programs with Edison, mBot, Sphero, Vex and more!

Code League

Code League

The BrainSTEM Code League offers challenges and hackathons for all levels of coding experience. Include a BrainSTEM University coding course to help students prepare.

What’s Included

STEM Competitions

We give students an oppotunity to win with STEM competitions. Students can enter virtual and in person competitions in robotics, digital media, coding and more. Follow our Eventbrite for competitions open to the community.

Earn Rewards

Students earn Brain Cycles for competing and winning STEM competions. Brain Cycles are points that can be redeemed for prizes in our online store. Students earn badges when they skill up with BrainSTEM online.

STEM Community

Joining BrainSTEM League unlocks access to our online community of STEM students. Our community is safe and inclusive, making us an ideal choice for virtual STEM programs or connecting in person programs across communities.


How much does BrainSTEM University cost?

You can launch a BrainSTEM program for as little as $2,000. We price our programs based on the number of students, the length of the program, and the resources needed to deliver the curriclum. Submit a Request for Proposal to get your all-inclusive price. If you are interested in grant funds to sustain your STEM program, contact us.

I'm a parent. How can I enroll my child in BrainSTEM University?

You can register individual students for our summer camps and weekend events. Follow us on Eventbrite to get notified about our next event!

What courses do you offer?

We offer courses in coding, robotics, engineering, entrepreneurship and technology, and more for K-12 students. To view all of the courses we offer, visit this page. To request a custom STEM course, email us at

How do I get started?

If you are a teacher, representative of a school district, or student organization leader, get started with BrainSTEM by submitting a proposal. We will be in touch soon with a detailed plan for your STEM program.

Can I try BrainSTEM for free?

Yes! Create a free account here to preview our online platform.

Get STEM Ready

Want to give your students a head start in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math? Look no further than BrainSTEM University, the premier K-12 STEM enrichment program in the region.

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