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21st Century Music Production

Learn the fundamentals of music and how to make your own beats from a real music producer!

Intro to Python

Learn to program your own Alexa skills for all your Amazon devices. This is a virtual course with live class sessions.

Bots and Beyblades

This class is the perfect intro to STEM for elementary students. Students learn coding basics with age-appropriate robots and physics with Beyblades. 

Code 4 Gold

Get ready to Code for Gold in this virtual hackathon! Students will learn the basics of programming using blocks. 


Sewing is lit! This fun course combines hand sewing skills with electronics to create an exciting STEM experience.

BrainSTEM TV Highlights

Rocket Fuel by Rick Mason

Rocket Fuel (feat. Bionic Bars) by Rick Mason Trailer for BrainSTEM University written by our founder Ricky Mason.

Cyber Pop/Hip-Hop Music BrainSTEM University 

Mars Land Watch Party

Relive the moment Perseverance landed on Mars! CEO Ricky Mason and Creative Director David Miller break down NASA’s Mars mission.

Space Exploration NASA Mars Rover Landing

BrainSTEM at Mill Creek Elementary

BrainSTEM University launched the 2019 school year with Mill Creek Leadership Academy, introducing 500 student to rocket science and aerospace engineering.

Aerospace Engineering Rocket Science 

The BrainSTEM Metaverse

What is the Metaverse?

Over the past year, we’ve built a learning platform and a social network for K-12 students. The next step is the BrainSTEM metaverse. The BrainSTEM metaverse is a gamified virtual reality, 3d world available on smartphones, VR headsets, game consoles, and Chromebooks. Students create their own avatars and show up to an online classroom that looks a lot like a video or computer game. Instructors and students can communicate in real time, and instructors have all the same presentation tools as live meeting sites, but in a setting that is more interactive, engaging and even game-like for the students. We also incorporated a point system that rewards students for learning. They can use the points they earn to buy things that they want like gift cards or STEM toys. We see our Metaverse as the future of online learning.

Create an Avatar

We partnered with ReadyPlayerMe to let students create their own avatars with the freedom to express themselves. Create your avatar and get ready for the future of learning.

The Metaverse Mission

BrainSTEM University is more than an online classroom; It’s where education meets community in a metaverse with incentivized learning, educational experiences,  and a social network of STEM students inspired to learn, build, compete, and share