Learn the basics of  NFTs

What is an NFT? How do you buy and sell NFTs? Why should you care? We answer all of these questions and more in our FREE Intro to NFT class in the metaverse. This class is great for all ages and includes a Teacher Guide to help students along. Did we mention it’s free?


  1. Introduction to Non-Fungible Tokens
  2. How NFTs Work
  3. How to buy NFTs
  4. How to sell NFTs

Instructor-Led Videos

BrainSTEM’s CEO, Ricky Mason, leads each module in an engaging video lesson. Ricky Mason is a former rocket scientist and computer engineer with expertise in blockchain technology. He makes each concept easy to understand for all ages.

Ready-to-Teach Lessons

Are you a teacher with students curious about Web3.0? Invite them to join you in the Metaversity classroom, or share the Metaversity classroom on your digital classroom board. PDF downloads of each presentation are available in the Metaversity classroom.

About this course

Who this course is for:

  • Digital artists
  • STEM students
  • Anyone interested in the NFT/blockchain technology
  •  Anyone that wants to buy or sell NFTs

Age range: 3rd grade & up

What’s included:

This mini-course includes 4 modules. Each module includes an instructor-led video and .pdf presentation. Access the course materials in the Metaversity classroom.

What you need:

Chromebook, laptop or other computer; reliable internet connection