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Our greatest responsibility is to prepare our children for the future. The best way to do that is with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math education. We offer STEAM programs, curriculum and digital learning tools for K-12 students. We believe early exposure to STEAM not only impacts student success in STEAM majors, but every aspect of their learning experience. 

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BrainSTEM Methodology

BrainSTEM programs are gamified to motivate students and make learning fun. BrainSTEM uses a points system to measure student engagement, competency and mastery of STEM skills. 

We assign Brain Cycles (points) to each activity based on the level of difficulty and effort required. Students may exchange their Brain Cycles for prizes in the BrainSTEM Reward Store.

Explore pre-built metaspaces and curriculum

We offer over two dozen metaspaces to choose from to host your online experience.

Teaching and hosting experiences in BrainSTEM Metaversity is fast and easy to start. No personal information or passwords are necessary. Simply enter an email address to create a room. Invite others to join with a room code.

Accessible and easy-to-use

BrainSTEM Metaversity is accessible on laptops, chromebooks, tablets and smartphones.

The controls are intuitive pinches and drags with the fingertips, making the Metaverse an easy-to-use digital tool for young learners.

Collaborate naturally

The BrainSTEM Metaverse is spatial.

The BrainSTEM Metaverse is spatial, meaning the further you move your avatar away from a source of sound (a video, another person talking), the more quiet the sound becomes. This means students can collaborate in small groups by just physically gathering together as opposed to breakout rooms or separate video calls.

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