Hybrid learning, High impact

We teach online and in person at our partner locations. We use the BrainSTEM VLE and BrainSTEM Metaverse, our learning tools that help us teach hybrid courses effectively. All BrainSTEM students have access to live instructors, academic support, and a community of STEM students just like them.

Intro to Game Development

Playing video games is fun, but how about creating them? Learn to program your own video game in 8 weeks.

Intro to Python

Python is one of the most popular programming languages. Get started learning to code in Python.

Bots and Beyblades

Bots and Beyblades students meet weekly for epic Beyblade tournaments and sumo robot battles.

K-Career Pipeline

Early exposure to STEM is proven to improve student ability in all areas of study. We know that early exposure works to inspire students to be curious, imaginative, and innovative. We provide a continuous STEM immersion plan to support your child from STEM student to STEM career.

Our students

BrainSTEM students are inspired, curious, and engaged. We meet students where they are and encourage them to tackle tough challenges while keeping them in a playful state of mind. Watch our middle school Game Developers explain the video games they created in only 8 weeks.

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Defy Gravity with Magnets STEM Activity

Fun Facts Most metals such as copper, silver, aluminium, platinum, magnesium and gold are not magnetic. Gravity makes waves that move at light speed. When you throw a ball, the force of your throw moves it forwards, the force of gravity pulls it down and the force of...

Holiday Stick Candle Electricity STEM Activity

Fun Facts You can make a battery out of potatoes; it’s not strong enough to power an LED flashlight though. Gold is used in electronics. It has low resistance, but is very expensive. Gold is used to coat the contact of the processor in computers to make them corrosion...

Constellation Cup STEM Activity

Fun Facts There are 9,096 stars visible to the naked eye in the entire sky. The only star in our solar system is the sun. When you look at a star (or any object in space) you are seeing how it looked in the past. The more massive a star, the shorter its lifespan....

Touchable Bubble

How can I make bubbles that don't pop? To make bubbles that don't pop, add dish soap and sugar to your bubble solution. Adding glycerin to the water and dish detergent helps make the bubbles last by slowing down how quickly the bubbles dry out. Sugar also makes the...