BrainSTEM Space Adventure – Robotics Team – Elementary School (3rd-5th)


Take action in the BrainSTEM Rover Space Mission! BrainSTEM Rovers are blasting off into space to complete mission objectives. Design, program, and engineer solutions to each of the challenges to make sure that rovers have a productive and successful mission in space. Join the BrainSTEM Elementary School Robotics Team.  Classes start January 18th!

Free Botley robot included in each course kit!

During this course, students are able to put their programming and engineering skills to work in a 6-week robotics challenge. No matter the STEM skillset–from beginning to advanced–our competitions are built to educate and engage STEM students. Students receive a free Sphero Mini robot! Through this challenge, students will work to accomplish their goals in various competitions that they will submit virtually.

Orientation: January 18th, 20th, and 23rd

Live classes will meet on Sundays at 7PM starting January 24, 2021. Live office hours will be held on Wednesdays at 7PM and Saturdays at 11AM.

Recommended: 3rd-5th Grade

Required: Android, IOS, Chromebook, Amazon tablet or mobile app required. 

This event progresses students through mission objectives that promote computational thinking, problem solving, and collaboration. Students will be challenged to complete the mission objectives while developing or learning different programming skills including:

  • Detect objects - and avoid them!
  • Follow looping commands
  • Navigate obstacle courses
  • Follow black lines

Each week students will learn programming skills. Students will then use these programming skills to complete programming challenges at home, using the Botley robot.

Students ultimately complete weekly mission objectives by sending us their code and a video of their bot completing the task. Students will demonstrate their skills in their final submission for judging and evaluation.


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