Intro to Programming 1 w/ Minecraft – BrainSTEM Magnet – Virtual – Fall 2020 (Semester)

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Intro to Programming 1 w/ Minecraft (Block programming) – This course introduces students to computer science and coding using Minecraft. Coding with blocks allows students to focus on the fundamental principles of coding without the challenging initial learning curve required for traditional programming languages. Students will be led through activities with incrementally more advanced building blocks. Each block is similar in structure to the syntax and style of real world programming languages. As students learn to program by snapping blocks together, they are laying a foundation for more advanced programming languages. Students will learn about conditional statements, loops, and functions. Students receive Programming 1 certificate upon completion showing competencies in programming fundamentals and computational thinking.

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The BrainSTEM Magnet program is the best way to introduce 6th-12th grade students to real-world STEM.

Using the BrainSTEM Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), students participate in exploratory STEM classes and live math study groups.

Semester courses, are broken down into monthly modules with students completing weekly/monthly course related STEM challenges.

BrainSTEM students build a community of like-minded STEM enthusiasts that connect safely using the BrainSTEM VLE. Students participate in online classes in our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), a gamified learning platform that integrates live video, instant chat, and embedded resources.

Creative projects enable students to apply new skills and concept knowledge in a unique context and provide lots of opportunity for creativity. We build in opportunities for students to share their projects with each other, or with the class!

Fall 2020 Course List:

CS 101 - Intro to Programming 1 w/ Minecraft

Web 101 - Intro to Web Design 1

Intro to Programming 1 w/ Minecraft (Block programming)

Course Objectives:

  1. Describe computer science and coding, and its importance.
  2. Play and maneuver in Minecraft.
  3. Understand the fundamentals programming using block code.
  4. Change their Minecraft world through coding.

Intro to Web Design 1 - The Web Design course covers the basics of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScript- the three key languages for building any website. Recommended for students 9-12 grade.

Course Objectives:

1. Identify web site and web application design requirements for client sites.

2. Understand and use web development editors, such as Atom or Brackets.

3. Understand and use HTML5, CSS.

4. Understand and use JavaScript

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Programming 1 w/ Minecraft, Intro to Web Design 1


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