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Metaversity Space Club

$99.99 / month

Enroll your child in the only after school program in the metaverse! Students meet with friends and instructors in the metaverse weekly to learn and get inspired. We constantly develop new content to keep students ahead on the latest trends in space exploration.

  • Level up your skills with on-demand video lessons
  • Access free resources to expand your learning
  • Earn Brain Cycles (BrainSTEM’s digital currency)

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What is Metaversity?

BrainSTEM Metaversity is a VR metaverse built for K-12 students. It’s a 3D world that feels like Roblox or Minecraft, but centered around STEM education. Metaversity clubs are online meetups for kids to explore STEM subjects they love. Students are enrolled in groups according to their age and ability. BrainSTEM Metaversity is recommended for students ages 5-13.

What will my student learn?

  • Learn the latest news in space exploration from sources such as NASA and SpaceX
  • Complete digital projects, earn badges and Brain Cycles

What does my Metaversity subscription include?

  • Membership for one student
  • 24/7 access to learning resources and projects
  • 1 session per week in the metaverse to meet with instructor and club members
  • Prizes your student can earn by completing challenges
  • Metaverse sessions are held Monday-Thursday 5:30pm-7:00pm EST

What do I need to participate?

  • Laptop or Chromebook
  • Internet access
  • BrainSTEM Metaversity can also be accessed with a VR headset
Learn to code with BrainSTEM Metaversity

BrainSTEM Metaversity VR classroom

What do students love about it?

  • Choose from over 100 avatars, or create your own 
  • Meet in the metaverse and explore a 3D VR world unlike any other
  • Compete in digital challenges and earn Brain Cycles to buy prizes in the online store
  • Make friends that love STEM as much as you

What do parents love about it?

  • Learning that feels like gaming
  • An online community of kids that love to learn
  • Pre-screened content and moderated metaverse rooms
  • Support from BrainSTEM instructors

What do teachers say about it?

“The kids loved exploring the metaverse” - Mr. Francisco, Brooklawn School

“We had the best time venturing into the metaverse” - Ms. Bishop, Jeffersontown Elementary

“My brain is overloaded with excitement! Talk about a game changer!” - Venita Burnett Ed.S, NBCT

VR school lesson in BrainSTEM Metaversity

VR school lesson in BrainSTEM Metaversity

Is it safe for my child?

A certified BrainSTEM Instructor is present at all times in Metaversity to ensure student safety online. Read our student Code of Conduct to learn more about our expectations to keep students safe online.


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