Bots and Beyblades™

The ultimate STEM club is finally here! Bots and Beyblades is for K-8th grade students. We meet once per week for epic Beyblade tournaments sumo bot battles. But this isn’t just for fun. Students will learn physics and robotics principles, build confidence through competition, and make friends in the BrainSTEM community.

Learn Through Play

Our goal with Bots and Beyblades, and all BrainSTEM courses, is to keep learners in a playful state of mind. In our Bots and Beyblades club, students are motivated to learn physics principles to create the best Beyblade for competition. Students are also motivated to learn robotics principles with robots such as Sphero™, LEGO™ Mindstorm, and VEX™.

Inspiration to Pursue STEM Careers

Our goal at BrainSTEM is to inspire students to pursue STEM careers. Our Kindergarten to Career pipeline prepares students for success toward that goal. Learners in Bots and Beyblades are challenged to ask questions about how things work. We inspire curiosity in our students.

Fall Season 1

September 6 – September 30

About this club

Classes meet once per week. Beyblades and robots are provided for each student to use during meeting times.

Class size: up to 12 students

Age range: 6-14 years old

What you need: Nothing. All club materials provided to use during meetings

In-Person Location: Maker13 Jeffersonville, IN

Cost: $199


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