Welcome to

The BrainSTEM

Robotics Team

Join us in the Sphero BOLT Space Mission competition you will learn programming and engineering skills then put them to work in an exciting and fun space mission.


Kids All Over the Nation are Competing!

Discover Your Engineering Genius!

Solve Hard Problems!

Work with Other To Explore Space!

What You Will Learn

Robot Functions

You will develop a detailed understanding of how to operate  your own Sphero Robot at your own home


Robots and Computers speak languages. You will begin to learn what they are and how to use them.

You will learn Loops, Conditionals, Variables, and Functions.

Problem Solving

Essential to many creative and technical skills is being able to solve problems. You will discover the ways that you can uniquely approach problems and solve them. 


Work with others through the fun and challenging tasks required during the competition. Discover the power of working with others as a team.

Solve Problems

Learning how to solve problems unlocks your learning superpowers!

Learn Programing

Programming is the key to talking to robots!

Test on your Sphero

Test on your very own robots with the programs that you wrote!

Live Instruction

You are not alone your instructors are right there to help you!

Test with the Bolt

You get to run the programs from your Sphero in the BOLT to get what you and your team build ready to go national! 

Finish the Challenges to Compete

See in live streaming the amazing work you’ve done running in the uber-cool STEM Robotics LAB!!!

You are not alone

Learning how to program robots can be a daunting task but with BrainSTEM’s instructors and classes, you are not alone. Your experienced instructor is dedicated to you growing and learning throughout all the challenges of the competition. They provide the technical and educational expertise for you to maximize your fun and growth as a budding robotics engineer!

Strategic and Timely

Each week students will learn programming skills. Students will use these programming skills to complete in programming challenges at home, using the Sphero Mini. Ultimately, students will complete weekly mission objectives by sending us their code to run in the BrainStem Robotics Arena Located in the BrainSTEM Robotics Lab. After running your code on the Sphero BOLT, BrainSTEM coaches provide video feedback of BOLTs attempt at completing the outlined challenges, running your code.


Are You Up for The Challenge?

You and other starting robotics engineers will progress through mission objectives that promote computational thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration. You’ll be challenged to complete in Spheros’s national mission objectives. Are you up for the challenge?  Join the team and develop and learn the essential programming skills  of: Loops, Conditionals, Variables, Functions!

Let’s go!

Let’s Conquer this Challenge Together!