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BrainS.T.E.M University

We  work with schools and non-profits to increase access and exposure to STEM education for all students.


BrianS.T.E.M University

Academic Departments

Courses starting at $125/student!

Courses meet 1-2 hours per week for 4-8 weeks. Courses may meet in-person, virtually, or hybrid style, meeting in person a few times during the course!


EGR 100/101/102: Intro to Engineering

Introduces students to the 4 core engineering disciplines, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and chemical engineering through hands on projects, quizzes, learning sessions, and tours!

ECE 100/101/102: Intro to Electrical & Computer Engineering

Students learn how computers work! From hardware to software projects, students are introduced to the inner workings of the binary computing world. Students learn how to build a computer, how computers communicate, and how to write command line code! This class gives students a chance to get a brief overview of electrical and computer engineering concepts and topics.

EE 100/101/102: Intro to Electrical Engineering

Through calculation, simulation, and real-life circuit-building, students will explore and confirm the behavior of common components and configurations. Covering topics such as atoms, friction, electricity, and Ohm’s law! The circuits course culminates with a project lab in which students apply their learning in the context of a real-world electronic device.

ME 100/101/102: Intro to Mechanical Engineering

Students explore concepts in physics, architecture, mechanical and structural engineering. Find inventive solutions in a fun-filled context that supports the growth of young minds through hands-on, minds-on learning.



Computer Science

CS 100: Intro to Computer Programming

Intro to computer prgoramming using block programming. 

CS 200: Roblox Game Design & Development

Top Lua coders and developers designing games on Roblox are making over $1 million a year right now. Start with Roblox’s built-in editor to create 3D worlds and expand their functionality with Lua, which enables students to create scripts for their own game or even sell to other designers for use in their games!!

WEB 100: Intro to Web Design

Introduces students to the idea of creating an idea from dream to reality!


MUS 200: Intro to Digital Music Production

Introduces students to recording, engineering, and producing music!

Art 200: Intro to Digital Art

Students learn how computers and draw and create to bring their creations to life!


GMR 200: Intro to Competitive Gaming

Introduces students to the world of competitive gaming and how some of their favorite gamers monetize their channels!

Extra Curricular Programs


Robotics Club

BrainSTEM Robotics Club promotes STEM learning and cooperative competition in robotics for K-8th grade students. Students will be divided into groups and assigned a BrainS.T.E.M Coach. Each club consists of 8-10 members. As students work together, they are learning and practicing core values which will help them develop valuable life skills. Our clubs compete in weekly competitions to showcase what they have learned!


Includes: Club fee, competition fee, t-shirt, insurance, misc.

R.M.S (Reading, Math, & S.T.E.A.M)

Promoting scholastic achievement in reading and math to pre-school/elementary school students while offering youth the opportunity to be involved in S.T.E.A.M projects!

BrainS.T.E.M Art Studio

Art studio is an opportunity for students with artistic talent to collaborate to create various works of art!


BrainS.T.E.M Entrepreneur Club

Learn the art of business. From finanical literacy and marketing to leadership and legal, we prepare students with the skills needed to turn innovative business ideas into reality!