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America is facing an unprecedented skilled labor shortage. Nearly ever industry now has a labor shortage, but here’s the twist: Employers are having a harder time filling blue-collar positions than professional positions that require a college education.


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Building A Highly Skilled Workforce is Critical to our Future!

There’s no better time for working-class Americans to demand better wages, benefits, schedules, and work conditions. BrainSTEM Workforce EDU creates opportunities to help advance today’s workforce and develop the next generation of manufacturing, IT, and maintenance professionals.

Certified Skills Program

We’ve developed industry standard certification programs to validate the knowledge/skill of our clients in the most sought-after areas, including manufacturing, information technology, and maintenance.

Financial Education

The health and strength of entire nation depends on the financial literacy of every individual. When people make sound decisions about their personal finances, their strong financial behavior leads to financially secure lives. The fewer people who make bad decisions about their personal finances, the stronger the our will become.

Career Placement

Our career coaches help match our clients with available manufacturing, IT, and maintenance jobs and make sure they have the right training and skills for the work. We offer employers a place to post job openings and to access basic manufacturing skills training for existing employees.

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