The reason behind the creation of Minecraft as a course was to engage students in a fun and interactive way, while still providing educational content. Our aim is to make learning exciting and enjoyable for the kids.

Each video is to focus on a different topic but related to the curriculum the students are learning.. For example, the students will learn about Space Exploration, and the videos we will provide are going to projects going over how to build in space.

The idea is to give kids the opportunity to use a platform they enjoy, such as Minecraft, while still aligning it with what they are learning in class.

This class can be teach in one week, or one day a week, as a fun but still educative way to learn!

While it is not essential for coaches to be experts in Minecraft, a solid foundation in the basics is important to support students who are just starting out. The ultimate aim is to enable students to independently enjoy the process of building in Minecraft, encouraging them to infuse their own creative flair into their projects.

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