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BrainSTEM Educational Metaverse

The Educational Metaverse

The word “metaverse” was introduced in1992 sci-fi novel by Neal Stephenson called Snow Crash where people use simulated forms called avatars to interact both with one another as well as non-human programs in a virtual environment. In the past few years this fiction has now become a reality. With games such as Fortnite and Social Media environments such as Facebook’s VR environment Horizon now publically available the age of Metaverses has arrived. At BrainSTEM we are harnessing this exciting set of technologies and combining them with real-world learning opportunities to produce the first Educational Metaverse.

Plug into  a persistent, synchronous, virtual space integrated with real-world elements such as robots, machines, and makers labs where people can interact with one another in real-time and where both planned and spontaneous events occur that bridge the gap between the virtual and real world. This metaverse will have its own economy to enable designed to harness the resourcefulness and ingenuity of its members to open up learning opportunities in Engineering,  Robotics, Aerospace, Computer Programming, Game Design, Media Production, Product Desing and much much more.

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At Home

Take learning to the next level with small group classes available in person and online

Conventions and Competitions

Bring a STEM festival or competition to your school

Schools & Non Profits

Inspire your students with STEM curriculum built by a former rocket scientist


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Game Design and Development

Digital Media

Intro to Robotics

Intro to Aerospace Engineering

Bots and Beyblades


Summer classes start in July online and at the following locations:


Republic Bank Foundation YMCA


Sewing is lit! This fun course combines hand sewing skills with electronics to create an exciting STEM experience.

Digital Media

This course provides an introduction to music recording for even the newest musicians!

Code for Gold

Get ready to Code for Gold in this virtual hackathon! Students will learn the basics of programming using blocks. Each live session includes engaging lessons from a live programming expert.

BrainSTEM Latest News

Rajon Rondo Foundation Partners with BrainSTEM to reward over $1000 to students in summer coding camp

The Rajon Rondo Foundation, a non profit organization started by NBA star Rajon Rondo, and BrainSTEM University, an edtech company providing STEM curriculum and software, announced a summer program to introduce underserved students to coding and game development as a...

BrainSTEM University to pilot OpenClass to improve STEM education for students of all ages

LOUISVILLE, KY WEDNESDAY, MARCH 3RD, 2021 OpenClass, a Tucson-based EdTech startup, announced today that it has reached a partnership agreement with BrainSTEM University, a Louisville, Ky-based EdTech startup that teaches K-12 programming, robotics, engineering, and...

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