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The BrainSTEM Scholars Program accelerates underrepresented students into engineering and STEM careers. Focused on women, BIPOC, and First Generation College students, we provide a K-Career pathway, leveraging our unique learn-to-earn model. Through STEM events, mentorship, and scholarships, we boost success and representation in STEM fields.

  • Black and Latinx students represent less than 10% of the STEM workforce 10% 10%
  • Women represent only 20% of the STEM workforce outside of healthcare 20% 20%
  • Only 9% of first generation college students will successfully complete a STEM college degree 9% 9%

K-12 STEM Pathways with BrainSTEM

K-12 STEM pipeline from STEM student to STEM professional
BrainSTEM Scholars Program

Program Goals

Build Community

Create a positive, inclusive, and caring community among engineering students

Boost STEM Aptitude

From hands-on experiences that introduce new concepts, to deeper learning modules that lead to certifications, BrainSTEM Scholars Program boosts STEM aptitude in all students.

Support STEM Students

Provide a holistic, enhanced student support system. Develop meaningful connections between students, colleges, and businesses.

Foster Personal Growth

Build Scholars’ agency, social capital, self-esteem, self-confidence, and sense of belonging in STEM.

Get the BrainSTEM Scholars Program at your School

Access BrainSTEM out-of-school time deeper learning resources and STEM competitions

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What’s Included

a focused young boy coding on a laptop using the Scratch platform, an educational tool developed by MIT, illustrating the engaging and interactive nature of learning coding with BrainSTEM University

Personal Growth Modules

Gamified learning modules that reward curious minds. Students earn Brain Cycles by engaging in our STEM activities online.

Forensic Science Class Screenshot

Personalized STEM Plan

Each BrainSTEM Scholar takes our STEM aptitude survey to understand which STEM pathway aligns with their interests.

Group of students using 3D print pens in a STEAM class

STEM Coaches

Our BrainSTEM Coaches are available online 5 days per week to advise your BrainSTEM Scholars Program.  

BrainSTEM Scholars Locations

Adversity Skills

Coming soon November 2023!

The ACE Project

Coming soon November 2023!

Nativity Academy at Saint Boniface

Nativity Academy at Saint Boniface partners with BrainSTEM to add STEM curriculum and coaching services to its maker space. This semester, students are taking our Game Development course. To learn more about enrolling your student, visit their website.

Virtual After School Programs

BrainSTEM Metaversity is an online platform for students to create, compete and share in STEM-related online experiences. To join a BrainSTEM Metaversity Club, click here.


How much does BrainSTEM University cost?
You can launch a BrainSTEM program for as little as $2,000. We price our programs based on the number of students, the length of the program, and the resources needed to deliver the curriclum. Submit a Request for Proposal to get your all-inclusive price. If you are interested in grant funds to sustain your STEM program, contact us.
I'm a parent. How can I enroll my child in BrainSTEM University?
You can register individual students for our after school clubs, summer camps, and weekend events. View all our offerings at brainstemu.com/programs
What courses do you offer?
We offer courses in coding, robotics, engineering, entrepreneurship and technology, and more for K-12 students. To view all of the courses we offer, visit this page. To request a custom STEM course, email us at brainstemuniversity@gmail.com.
How do I get started?
If you are a teacher, representative of a school district, or student organization leader, get started with BrainSTEM by submitting a proposal. We will be in touch soon with a detailed plan for your STEM program.
Can I try BrainSTEM for free?
Yes! Educators and Program Directors can send us a quick message at admin@brainstemu.com