After two long years of being stuck at home, you’re desperate to get your kids off video games. 

And let’s face it, you can’t waste another minute or their brain cells might actually start dying off one by one like you’ve been threatening they would this entire time.

How can I inspire my kid to be more creative?

But, you also get it. The last two years have been pretty boring and being isolated from their peers has affected them in more ways than you can possibly imagine. So, you understand why mindless activity has felt so comforting to them lately.

You just wish they would actually do something meaningful with their lives already. You know, like putting their incredible digital skills to use in pursuit of a higher calling. 


Sure, video games are fun. But there’s got to be something else they can get passionate about that will help them in the future so that they don’t end up living in your basement forever.


Fortunately, that something else is here.

What is BrainSTEM?

BrainSTEM is an educational technology company that built an entire metaverse around STEM education. And K-12 students everywhere are joining their metaverse in increasing numbers every day.

To reach students from all backgrounds, and really get them passionate about developing those digital skills that are so crucial for future employment, BrainSTEM created after-school clubs that are hosted on a weekly basis right on their platform.  

What is BrainSTEM Metaversity?

BrainSTEM Metaversity is a platform any kid who loves to play video games. Because when you sign your kids up, they’ll learn to code 3D objects right in the BrainSTEM metaverse. And once a week, they can get help with their coding lessons and assignments from a knowledgeable BrainSTEM coach.  

example of emoji reactions and instant chat features of BrainSTEM Metaversity

BrainSTEM Metaversity features

And while that’s a ton of fun all on its own, what students really love about BrainSTEM Metaversity is getting the chance to chat with friends in a safe and secure virtual environment, showing off everything they’ve learned. 

How can VR help connect students?

Because after all, they’ve really missed those playdates and hangouts over the last couple of years. And studies have shown that virtual reality helps kids feel connected with their peers, especially when isolated during a pandemic. 


Plus, one of the main focuses of creating this technology was BrainSTEM’s commitment to inclusion. They have made every effort to help K-12 students from all racial, gender, and socioeconomic backgrounds develop a true love for STEM-related subject areas.


In fact, BrainSTEM was actually founded by a former rocket scientist who wants all children to love science as much as he does.

How can I sign up my child for BrainSTEM?

So, get your kids off the video games once and for all by signing them up for BrainSTEM Metaversity. Doing so will put their digital talents to a more productive use, ignite their passion for STEM, help them connect with friends around the world in a safe and secure way, and prepare them for the jobs of the future. 

You simply can’t wait another day. Sign your kids up for BrainSTEM Metaversity now!