Intro to Python Programming

In our Intro to Python course, students coders and expert builders in Minecraft™.  First students learn the basics of Python programming. Then, students use their skills to build incredible worlds in Minecraft™. This course is recommended for students from 5th grade to 10th grade.

An Introduction to Python Basics

Python is one of the most widely used programming languages. Intro to Python is a great start for beginners in text-based programming.


  1. Introduction to Python
  2. Data types, variables, and lists
  3. Operators and operations
  4. Loops

Project Based Learning

Our goal with Intro to Python, and all BrainSTEM courses, is to keep learners learners engaged with hands-on activities. In our Intro to Python course, students are motivated to learn coding skills to build faster, better worlds in Minecraft. At the end of the course, students will be able to share their worlds with friends.

Ready to Teach Lessons

Each lesson is beautifully designed and organized by OpenClass Ai. Lessons contain video and text lesson materials with step-by-step instructions. Students can complete lessons on demand or as a group.

About this course

Open enrollment

This class can be delievered in person or online. Contact us to license our Python course for your group.

Age range: 5th-10th grade

What’s included: Our digital curriculum includes 11 modules (approx. 24 hours) with videos, downloadable resources, activities and assessments.

What you need: Chromebook, laptop or other computer; reliable internet connection